The scientific foundation of Karin Herzog lies in 2 key interconnected principles: oxygen stabilization and conversion. Firstly, Dr. Paul Herzog succeeded in stabilizing active oxygen within in an emulsion (cream) base. Secondly, this liquid form of oxygen is then reconverted to gas once it gets in contact with the skin, allowing it to be absorbed and utilized within the epidermis.

It is important to point out that by simply applying hydrogen peroxide or incorporating it into another alternative base will not elevate oxygen levels or sustain them for sufficient lengths of time. Only Karin Herzog's unique patented form of stabilized hydrogen peroxide (active oxygen) combined with highly specialized production methods infuses the skin with usable and lasting oxygen.

Dr. Paul Herzog in his laboratory

The Karin Herzog oxygen creams simulate the action of hyperbaric chambers, by converting liquid oxygen into a bioavailable gaseous form (same principle as a launching rocket). When applied topically, the cream forms temporary high-pressure vacuum effect that creates a microscopic 'explosion' that converts the oxygen into gas and simultaneously drives it into the deeper layers of the skin. That way, not only the oxygen level within the skin tissue radically increases, the skin is hydrated and all other essential ingredients are transported into the deeper layer of the epidermis, where they can be put to best use to restore optimal skin health. The cells receive more nutrients, function more effectively, and achieve a normal level of metabolism-no matter what the skin type. Oxygen and water help in the production of more collagen and work to prevent free-radicals.