The Karin Herzog ritual is an advanced high performance regime for the face, designed to advance and luxuriate Dr. Herzog's miracle oxygen technology.

Years of scientific research have culminated in a unique and transformative 4-step regime where each step is mutually enhancing.

  1. PREPARE: Cleanse, tone and scrub to create the perfect base to reveal a youthful, clear complexion
  1. CORRECT & TREAT: Oxygenate to boost collagen, banish bacteria and combat dullness, signs of aging, dryness, blemishes and rosacea.
  1. NOURISH: Moisturize to seal in the oxygen, protect the skin and hydrate.
  1. BEAUTIFY: Reveal a flawless look with velvety soft, light, non-clogging make-up


The Karin Herzog ritual is further enhanced by the use of the brush.
The oxygen in the patented formula is only released from the cream when it comes into contact with the Catalase enzyme in the skin. Application of the oxygen creams with a brush prevents the oxygen from being released into the fingertips, saving its miracle powers for the areas where you need it most.