As we age, oxygen levels in the skin decline. Oxygen is absolutely vital for collagen production, tissue repair, and capillary formation. Without oxygen, normal collagen synthesis cannot proceed. At the age of 10, the basement membrane of the capillaries in the dermis starts to thicken, making diffusion of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells of the skin more difficult. By the age of 25 there is already a decline (up to 40%) in the skin's oxygen level compared to that of a teenager. Environmental and lifestyle factors such as, smoking, pollution, stress can deplete levels even further.

Decreased levels of oxygen lead to reduced cellular energy, lower metabolic function and increased levels of bacteria and toxins. In turn, this inhibits the skin's ability to recognise, absorb or utilise essential nutrients from the diet or tropical products, resulting in adverse skin conditions and premature aging.

As a result the skin begins to look dull, grey, and lifeless . Karin Herzog products work to restore oxygen levels in the deep layers of the skin to promote cell regeneration and repair. This process transform the skin and restores its natural vitality.


Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Sun Damaged

Loss of Muscle Tone

Ageing Skin 

Thinning Skin

Dull, Grey, Lifeless


Reduced oxygen cause a reduction in collagen production. Lack of collagen causes elastin fibres to weaken and lose their capacity to retain water. This result in premature aging. Karin Herzog patented oxygen and vitamin-rich emulsion

Reduced oxygen in the capillary weakens the skin's natural process and slow down cellular regeneration. This causes the skin to become thinner while wrinkles and hyperpigmentation starts to occur

Vitamin A is small enough to penetrate the outer layers of the skin to reach collagen and the elastin fibres deeper in the tissue Vitamin A has proven anti-aging, acne fighting and skin smoothing benefits.

Karin Herzog earned  a second patent for encapsulating Vitamin A with the oxygen. When it is in contact with the skin, it creates a high pressured gas and forces oxygen + Vitamin A deeper into the skin and therefore not irritating to surface of the skin, including sensitive skin. Under the skin, Oxygen acidify Vitamin A into Retinoic  acid which the skin uses to aid in collagen production.

The skin cells are gradually restored to its optimal