How Karin Herzog solves problem skins :
Oxygen heals and repair skin tissue that has been damaged by acne and scarring. It is used by surgeons in the USA and around the world to reduce post-operative scarring and accelerate the skin's healing process.

A single application of the Karin Herzog products works to accelerate cell renewal and improve skin function. Each application provides enough energy & raw material to accelerate cell regeneration for up to 8 hours.

A blemish can live inside the warm, poor oxygenated tissue of the skin , until it erupts into the surface as acne. With regular use of Karin Herzog oxygen products, your skin will be well oxygenated. 

Upon contact with the skin, it converts to a high pressure gas, which forces both active oxygen and water molecules and vitamins into the deep layers of the skin and capillaries.

Karin Herzog oxygen creams deliver anti-bacterial properties of oxygen and pure water, to clean the skin's deepest layers, destroying the bacterial toxins clinging to the capillary walls.

The water created in the oxygen conversion process helps to flush the toxins into the lymph system to be carried away and eliminated by the body's natural mechanisms.

Oxygen is an effective and natural antiseptics. It has anti-material, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
Acne bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen.

Oxygen regulate sebum production and increase circulation. Low level of oxygen combined with a sluggish circulation can cause increased production of bacteria and sebum, which can result in the formation of clogged pores and surface acne.

Oxygen is able to treat  the most difficult problems to treat effectively is the bacteria growth in the follicles of an inflamed acne condition to disinfect the roots of the capillaries. Whereas oral antibiotics often have no effect because the edema in the follicles makes it impossible for the bloodstream to deliver the medication to the roots. 

Oxygen also hydrates and restore the natural pH of your skin, giving rise to a healthy, fresh and vibrant complexion. Making your journey a pleasant one .



    How to prepare your skin for oxygen products for best results?
    Home Dermabrasion with MILD SCRUB is an important step to prepare your skin for Oxygen Treatment
    Use a Karin Herzog MILD SCRUB made with ground white marble powder on its own or combined the scrub with your favourite facial cleanser. Gentle on skin, no irritation.
    Use twice a week.
    Exfoliate your skin, Allow oxygen to penetrate deeper into the skin while removing dead cells that cause blockage

    Application: Twice a week on its own or mix together with your favourite cleanser. Followed by ESSENTIAL MASK for 20 mins.


    Why is Toner important in the fight against Acne?

    Acne prone skin are easily irritated, this toner formulated with unscented floral waters calms , purify and soothes irritations.
    The toner provides an added layer of cleansing without irritation.
    Most important, it restore the skin's optimal ph balance and prepares your skin for the next oxygen treatment.

    Application: Apply with cotton pad after face cleansing.


    OIL FREE 2% Active Oxygen Treatment


    Acne Bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen
    Karin Herzog's Oxygen face 2% is formulated to maintain the epidermis with lots of oxygen.
    Now you can remove acne causing bacteria that lives inside the warm , scarcely oxygenated tissues of the skin . We do not need to wait for it to erupts onto the surface as acne.

    Application: Apply OXYGEN FACE CREAM with a brush once or twice a day. 



    Essential mask hydrates the skin with oxygen & water , strengthen the skin cells and capillaries against acne causing bacteria . With optimal condition, your skin are able to promote a renewed complexion. 
    Active mask of Grapefruit, Mandarin Orange and Oxygen minimise breakouts and control blemishes on problem skin.
    Use it twice a week after your facial scrub.

    Application: Apply with a brush after your facial scrub 2 or 3 times a week. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Rinse off mask. Apply Oxygen Face Cream .



    Need an aggressive anti-pimple treatment?

    Cannot tolerate the pimple breakouts?
    Apply Kombi 3% on the acne. 
    A powerful oxygen spot treatment that works to destroy underlaying bacteria that causes acne.
    This formula contains 3% oxygen to 'explosion' oxygen into the skin .
    This cream is to treat localised breakouts and with Vitamin A & E penetrating deeper into the skin, you skin will repair and heal evenly !

    Application: Apply on the pimple / blemishes directly from the tube 2 or 3 times a day. Use a brush to spread the cream if necessary.