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Dr Paul Herzog's goal was to create a hypoallergenic oxygen cream to treat burn victims. In 1974, he successfully stabilized active oxygen in an emulsion and was subsequently awarded a global patent for this important breakthrough. His wife Karin convinced him to use the benefits of his discovery for skincare and that is how we now have Karin Herzog.

The Science

Oxygen is released upon contact with the skin, powering all its benefits directly to the oxygen starved skin cells in the epidermis. The miracle technology also works as a delivery mechanism for other skin healing and anti-aging ingredients in the cream.


Nature's most effective disinfectants, essentially used in killing bacteria and reviving skin cells. Promoting collagen & elastin production and helping to renew, tighten, plump and strengthen the skin. 

Oxygen & The Brush 

The oxygen in the patented formula is only released from the cream when it comes into contact with the Catalase enzyme in the skin. Application of the oxygen creams with a brush prevents the oxygen from being released into the fingertips, saving its miracle powers for the areas where you need it most.

Anti-Aging & Firming

Vitamin A is encapsulated in oxygen and pushed deeply into the skin. It is one of the few substances with molecular structures small enough to penetrate the skin to reach collagen and elastin fibers deeper in the tissue. When delivered effectively, It has proven to have anti-aging, acne fighting and skin smoothing benefits.

Soothing & Strengthening

Our preservative free formulations can be used effectively on all skin types. From the most sensitive, to those with severe skin problems. Oxygen is safe, natural and highly effective at normalising  and strengthening the epidermis.

Radiance & Detox

As the oxygen gas is released into the skin it creates a micro- massage effect, flushing out debris and toxins. Allowing  the skin to hydrate, breath and efficiently absorb nutrients. 

Acne & Purifying 

Antimicrobial properties, ideal for controlling problematic skins. Is also a natural antiseptic that  helps to destroy bacteria while deep cleaning and purifying pores. It is essential in every anti-spot home care routine to dislodge debris, increase micro-circulation and expedite healing

Vegan Friendly

Not Tested on Animals

Paraben Free

Hand Made

Swiss Made

Gluten Free


Watch your business grow with our professional line for spas, beauty salons and medical aesthetics. Our retail range is also available for sale at spas and leading retailers. We look forward to your enquiries.